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Certificate of Merit is a total musicianship program that delivers an unparalleled musical education. Registration with the Music Teachers' Association of California (MTAC) is required to participate.  Students register and prepare for yearly testing with their private, MTAC-member  instructor. 

Testing is made up of two components: a written music theory portion and a performance evaluation that includes sight-reading for pianists or sight-singing for vocalists, technique, ear-training and the performance of memorized repertoire.  Offered annually and adjudicated by MTAC-trained evaluators,  students who successfully pass the requirements for their registered level of music study receive an evaluation report and are awarded a Certificate of Merit for that level.  

Preparatory through advanced levels are offered.  Students must be at least age 5 by Oct. 31st of the current year to participate.

There is a separate registration fee for Certificate of Merit.  Materials such as music theory workbooks, repertoire, technique, sight-reading books are also required at an additional cost.  

Students wanting to participate in Certificate of Merit must enroll for a minimum 45 minute weekly lesson for levels 1-4, and level 5 and above requires a 60 minute weekly lesson for adequate preparation.

Melinda Vickrey Piano & ​Vocal Music Instruction 
is a member of the
Music Teacher's Association of California
and available to train students in 
Piano, Voice, & Musicology
for participation in Certificate of Merit

Certificate of Merit Program
The  Certificate of Merit is a leveled music curriculum designed by the Music Teacher's Association of California to provide students with a methodical approach to developing proficiency in the art of making music. 

Melinda Vickrey Piano & Vocal Music Instruction

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​​​Melinda Vickrey Piano & Vocal Music Instruction

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Melinda Vickrey Piano & Vocal Music Instruction


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